A Sky of Infinite Blue

Aug 27, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor

                                                            Photo by Tatonomusic on Unsplash


So true to my soul

I chose this as the final

to make my book whole


                                                          *     *     *

It’s a vision of

the universe that I saw

in meditation

                                                         *     *     *


At the darkest night

of the cleanest sky with light

to which we belong

                                                         *     *     *


Never forget home

and the memory of us

there we’ll meet again



I’ve recently elected the title of my forthcoming memoir. Out of a few candidates presented by editors, I felt a shiny sparkle with “A Sky of Infinite Blue.” It would express my stories best. Here I’ve composed a set of Haikus to express the joyous moments in choosing the book title.