Eating comes after cooking

May 29, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor
                                                          Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash


What makes me feel “profoundly” satisfied? You may imagine good breathing, meditation, etc. But to me, it’s fairly simple. EATING. I love eating good foods.


My satisfaction pathway directly links to my taste buds on my tongue and good retention of stomach! Now you know how you can please me ;)


I love eating and cooking. I love to cook whatever I love to eat. It is more than a hobby but like my habit. It also serves as practical management of my own well-being. If I have anxiety, fatigue,  or frustration, I do cook. It serves my creative energy, creates things I love, and subsequently, I am so satisfied with my own creation.


Also, whatever, whenever or wherever I ate very hearty good foods at restaurants or somewhere out, I would enjoy imagining how they had cooked them, then I would realize them in my versions at home; a little healthier, less salty, or with more twist in taste, etc. It satisfies me a lot.


Unfortunately, I lost one of the most satisfying aspects of cooking; sharing good foods with the loved one. Whenever I have opportunities to share, I do share my food with people. Hopefully, I may find a person I love and share my good habit of eating and cooking together.