Finding Love

Sep 28, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor


                                                                 Christel SAGNIEZ on Pixabay



What made you wear so many layers?

I know you bear and become like a stone

But I see you, a trembling child, in my prayers

Someone you trusted put you in the cage alone

And the person kept you outside in the rage

You cried out loud for someone to hear

and whimper out of fear and despair




You put each layer just to feel protected

No one has offered you what you really need                    

Would the layers erase the sense of being rejected?

After all the shields you’ve placed for you not to bleed

Innocence and love you held inside become too far

to reach, compressed guilt and shame are grown

But this habit of self-doubt needs to be thrown



Finding Love


The habit and cycles of self-doubt and -abuse

Caused by the lack of what you’ve sought -- love

Be kind to yourself to accept your injuries and bruise

Bathe yourself to heal in an abundance of your own self-love

Stay open to be vulnerable like floating in the stream

Uncover yourself to find your own self and dream

So you’ll be embraced with the beam of love


                                                   *    *    *


One of the most difficult loves we can cultivate is Self-love. Each day is a trial to train ourselves to foster the love in our lives. What are your experiences in living with Self-love? Please kindly share your own experiences with us.