In Yoga

May 08, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor


                                                            Photo by Dan Wettoon on Unsplash  

I stretched my body

noticing the knots

of course… in the neck

and the shoulder


I saw them tinted

in a grayscale


Breathed into at them

a deep long breath


a breeze of compassion




The knots soften

with the warmth of a breath

as if my entire body

becomes embodiment

of love


Orchestrating with

The kindness of a breath


Filled with love…


I wonder my body is

like a community

of our kinds


Why can’t we breathe into

at the knots that I see gray

with the kindness of a breath


Noticing what are

the knots we have within

listen to my body

Be kind to the suffering

be gentler to the fumed

the upset and the desperate


Breathing into at them

with the warmth of compassion

and listen


It’s because

they are part of

us, our body