Our Lives

Sep 15, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor
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The Encounter


You are my princess

sparkled with the gentle light

I’ll never forget

the day you came to my door

guided by ‘Fatimah’s hand’


Well-spring of water,

you quenched my thirst with your love

You became my light

I’ll cherish our love until

forever we’re together



In the past


You’re Fatimah in

the village I fled lifeless

You took me in for healing

until I regained my strength

bathed me in the rain of light


Emerald, your eyes

were much deeper than that lake

I bathed you, my love.

As we’re parted, secretly

I promised we’d meet again



Patrick and I


My life was ending

I still remember, my love,

You entered my life

I’ll revere Fatimah ‘til

we meet again at that door


Yes, my love, Patrick

I’ll wear this Fatimah’s hand

in all the next lives

It’ll carry us in her palms

‘til our destiny parts us


                                        *   *    *


Fatimah’s hand: Fatimah is the name of Muhammad, Founder of Islam and a prophet of God. I’d worn the necklace of Fatimah’s hand for years before I came to the States in 1990. When I met Patrick for the first time, he recognized what it meant to him. Later, he asked me to carry it to the next lives for him to find me again, to which I said yes. Then, while he was ill, he shared the story now he remembered about our past life that we’d shared before.


I’ve composed my poetic story with three sets of Somonka. The Somonka is composed of two tankas ( unrhymed 5-7-5-7-7 syllable format) written as two love letters to each other (one tanka per love letter). This form requires two authors, but it’s possible to have a poet take on two personas.


Uncommon Poetic Forms

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