Queen of the Night

Jul 24, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor


                                                                Photo by Wellensittich on Pixabay

All the mortals quietly rest

after the delightful day 

of the scorching sun 



In this nocturnal stillness

the breeze touches

her body gently


Queen of the night

enters graciously


A face adorned

with the trims

of high collars

in the shadow

of rouge


With her long neck

of the sigmoid

glancing up

the moon



Begins the night of

the magic flute

with majestic aria

of her own


her silky delicate fascia

proclaims her throne

in the moonlight


her sensual fragrance

fills in the atmosphere

to attract admirers

only for the night


in Epilogue

to close


her tales



                                                                     *    *   *



Every summer, a white elegance, Queen of the night, dominates in our garden with her fragrant blossoms. Originally, she was Papa’s plant in Japan. After his funeral, I took a piece off the plant and secretly brought it to the States. I always feel she has human-like spirits. During the summer, I enjoy the songs of spirits, commemorating Papa and Patrick, whose birthday and memorial were both in July.


Queen of the night is sometimes referred to as a desert night-blooming cactus, Epiphyllum oxypetalum, South America. The flower is one of the largest among the cacti family. Its fragrance attracts moths during the nights for its pollination. It lasts only a single night and wilts before dawn.