Spirits Encountered

Oct 27, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor

                                                             Photo by Zero Take on Unsplash


The Louvre


Perpetual nattering and laughter

of men in Madame Pompadour

and women in Marie Antoinette,

Masquerades of the French monarch,

heavily sloshed spun around in a waltz

on the floor of the Louvre Palace.

Large blossoms of robes a la Francaise

in coral, canary, crimson, and Carolina,

Rococo Medieval suits with trimmings

embroidered in silver and gold threads,

and silk ribbons fluttering with antique

lace were all that we once dreamt of.

The French Revolution stormed through

the floor of Insidious games of betrayals.

Wealth and splendor vanished in storms.



A Girl in Blue Dress


On that heavy rainy day, a black car

lost control on the downhill, and drove into

the broken bridge, sinking into the lake.

From the car descending into the water,

I saw a girl in a cerulean blue long dress  

with white collars and a satin trimming

and the same silky ribbon tied softly

on her blond hair, swaying like a jellyfish.

Her blue eyes looked into my eyes

sending me a message that she was

no longer able to do so by herself,

reminding me of the love that

she couldn’t offer to her mother.



A Samurai Warrior


By the stormy thunderous noises, I woke up,

now staring at the ceiling above a hotel bed.

A Samurai Warrior with a bloody face

was scarcely alive in the field of battles.

Golden Styled horns on the dark iron helmet

shoulder and body guards in Maroon and fire

a long Sword in shiny silver were all at his hand

Though he was trapped in scheming deceits,

he wished me to send his love to his beloved.


                                                              *       *       *

Since I was young, I’d sometimes encountered some spirits when I traveled. They usually stayed in the areas but had some messages for me to understand their situations or asked me to pray. Though Halloween is a feast for the dead, I usually treat the spirits very mindfully with a respect to what they wish. Here I shared a few spirits I came across in the past. Thank you very much.

These poems were to respond to the prompt, "Spookfest Halloween Poetry Challenge," by Stuart Englander for the platform, Write Under the Moon.