The Gifts in My Life

Dec 01, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor
                                                            Photo by Cooperr on Shutterstock




After fifteen

years of maturing,

pure white innocent beauties

charmed honey bees in working

all over the sweet succulent bouquets


The sun and the moon cherish the buds in green

to grow bigger into shiny globes in a few more months


Oleaginous splash spread in the air fills my nostrils

as I picked the juice of the heaven, the blessing

of the earth are finally handed to my palms


These splendors in golden yellow

to marigold hold me so dear 


The treasures in my life,

such pleasures to

see, feel, smell

and taste





Just like

oranges and

avocados harvested

from our garden for years

I have seen my life as the gift

out of the heavens and the earth


After many years of trying, I’ve begun

to see myself a tiny green bud, growing into

a mature woman, who needs very little


All the breeze, the mist, raindrops,

the sun, and the moon have

settled me into a vessel,

who sees profusion


I am so grateful

to live a life,


to see