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Virtual Book Club at National Association of Memoir Writers

The meeting was well attended by fellow NAMW members. Kyomi shared stories behind her book and writing. Kyomi and the participants enjoyed communicating in the Q & A session!

Book Club Discussion Questions

for A Sky of Infinite Blue

Kyomi wishes you, as the readers of her book, to relate her stories with your own life experiences. We all have stories to share within. The following questions may encourage you to crystalize your thoughts and feelings upon reading her memoir and facilitate our discussions for further awakening and realization.

  • The memoir begins with Kyomi’s husband’s passing moment. How did it affect you and impact Kyomi’s overall story?
  • What does grieving mean to you? How do you cope with grief?
  • Kyomi spent her childhood and early adult years in Japan. Her cultural and family contexts may be different from yours, but how did you relate to young Kyomi in the story?
  • How can we be more compassionate, understanding, and accepting of people from different races, cultures, and upbringings than our own?
  • Marriage and relationships require constant attention and work of love. How do you relate your own marriage and/or relationship as you read Patrick and Kyomi’s?
  • Influenced by his illness and their fates, Kyomi and Patrick’s relationship changed. Kyomi tried hard to hold onto it with good faith and practice of the Buddhist teaching. Can you share a moment of relentless inevitable force in your life? What comes out of these experiences?
  • Are there any cultural awes to you when you read Kyomi’s memoir?
  • What remains in your heart after you read A Sky of Infinite Blue?
I would love to join your book club discussion of A Sky of Infinite Blue in person or via Zoom!
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