Past Events:

The 7th San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of Books

The Festival of Books was held at the University of San Diego on August 19th, on the day before the forecasted hurricane Hilary’s arrival. Meeting many local authors/writers energized the authors’ alley which was filled with joyous laughter.

Virtual Book Club at National Association of Memoir Writers

The meeting was well attended by fellow NAMW members. Kyomi shared stories behind her book and writing. Kyomi and the participants enjoyed communicating in the Q and A session!

Fireside Chats at the Healthy Neighborhoods Project

Kyomi shared a story titled, “Moving Forward to Building Authentic Self” with a group of health-oriented entrepreneurs, mindful leaders, and motivational workshop organizers and coaches.

Once Upon a Book Fair

Seventy-five local authors gathered at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido. Kyomi had an opportunity to read her book to the audience and enjoyed getting to know many fellow local authors!

Paperback Paradise at the Street Fair in Escondido, CA:

I shared a table with a bunch of local authors at the book fair. Smiling, talking and signing my book was the best part of the event!!

The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) the Publishing University (PubU) 2023 and the Benjamin Franklin Award Ceremony:

I love attending the IBPA’s annual conference, the PubU 2023. Toward the end of the conference, I enjoyed sharing the award ceremony with my friends, and SWP sister authors. My book, A Sky of Infinite Blue was awarded in Silver on this prestigious award!!

Dinner with She Writes Press (SWP) President, Brooke Warner and SWP sisters:

Brooke and our local and a few more outstate SWP sisters had dinner and shared a great time at a local Italian restaurant in Coronado, CA. I was busy taking photos for sisters as I do always 😉

Chanticleer Authors Conference (CAC23) and Award Gala:

What a heartwarming experience I felt during the CAC23!! I met so many great talented authors at the conference. Thank you, Chanticleer, and all, I won the Grand Prize in Mind & Spirit Division and First Place in the Journey Division!

LA Times Festival of Books: 

Five authors from She Writes Press shared our Five Journeys together.  I’ll never forget such heartfelt and personable experiences that we shared.  Love to you all!!

57th Annual Local Author Showcase

A Sky of Infinite Blue was on display at the 57th Annual Local Author Showcase at the San Diego Central Library. It was a wonderful night listening to Keynote Speaker Tammy Greenwood, visiting with other local authors, and celebrating our publications.

Grossmont College Creative Writing Class- Guest Speaker

Kyomi was invited by Prof Daniela Sow at Grossmont College to give a talk to thirty plus students in her Creative Writing class. Communicating freely through the various topics and signing her book with every one of the students was her favorite part of the visit. After the class, Kyomi was honored to receive a book of their detailed reviews of her memoir- love letters. Kyomi cherishes it as a treasure.

Book Signing at Barnes & Noble, Walnut Creek

My books at Barnes & Noble in Walnut creek were sold out today!! The first signed book purchaser, my Uber driver, Gina, an SWP author of “Promenade of Desire,” Isidra Mencos, Yoko & Yoshi from Davis, and many young book purchasers like Kristy TiAnn Million and @emily Sanchez (Clemencia Pinilla’s friend). The team of young Barnes & Noble staff made my book signing day so memorable. Thank you all!!

San Diego Writers Festival, Coronado Public Library

I enjoyed hosting an exhibition table showcasing my book and meeting new readers, other authors, and volunteers.  It was a great day to celebrate the San Diego writing community. Thank you to my new readers who bought A Sky of Infinite Blue.

Book Launch and Signing, Diesel, Del Mar

The Launch & Signing of “A Sky of Infinite Blue” at DIESEL, A Bookstore in Del Mar was beautiful!! We inhaled Joy and exhaled Harmony created through each breath. She Writes Press sisters, many writers/authors, Yogi friends, Photography buddies, Buddhist friends, neighbors, and my old and new friends gathered to celebrate the moment.

The East Coast Trip

Kyomi flew to Washington D.C. to promote her book. She was invited to the “Meet & Greet” event at the NIDCR/NIH, and she also attended the ALA annual conference to give away her signed ARCs at the demo tables in the exhibition hall. During her trip, she stayed at her former boss, Marian, and her husband, Jack’s home and had a wonderful memorable time. 

IBPA Booth at the ALA Exhibition June 25-26, 2022

Kyomi had a couple of demo tables at the IBPA booth on June 25th and 26th, 2022 as part of the exhibition at the American Librarians Association’s annual conference. Kyomi signed twenty ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) each day but all went as quickly as in twenty minutes! She was so grateful for the experiences.

Lee Wind, IBPA Director of Education & Programs

Michelle Flynn Osborne, Author of “The Maid” and her three nephews