Kyomi O'Connor

Kyomi O’Connor is the author of the soon-to-be-published, forthcoming memoir Finding Home: A Japanese Immigrant Woman’s Life and Transformation. In actively working to address her past emotional abuse, she moved to the States in 1990 to work as a researcher. There she met her husband-to-be, Patrick, an English researcher with Irish heritage. Her life journey led to a career change when the couple moved to San Diego for his job, and when together they entered into Buddhist practice. As Patrick became ill in 2013, Kyomi took care of him for three years until his death. Writing her memoir has been part of her journey to find the wholeness of herself.

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About Me--Kyomi O'Connor

Feb 03, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor
San Diego. Memoir Writer. Universalist. Japanese Immigrant. Peace Maker. Practicing Buddhist.
Children’s dentist. Believer and Activist of Love, Hope, Courage & Potentials.

Entering New

Feb 23, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor
We choose to live with bleeding of our heart but slowly open a box of our past, or ruin our lives with constant pains and reminders of the boxes unopened. It’s up to us. I chose to open those boxes one by one, accepting my own imperfections and mistakes. It resulted only to find me in the fluidity of life filled with the life force. This is the place we can share life, energy, love, and grace.


Feb 16, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor

Gratitude is not given in an accident or a chance.

Gratitude is not a conditional but conditioned state, a cultivated state of mind.

Wholeheartedness empowers its process of cultivation.


Feb 01, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor

Accepting imperfection is a difficult thing. We may sometimes live in pain, suffering, or disability, even if we wish otherwise. It’s part of our life. Accepting this little fact would make you forever free.


Jan 25, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor
Voice, as we speak from our heart, becomes a voice. As we listen to voice wholeheartedly, the voice becomes a true mediator of communication. Then we can rise together as citizens of our planet, for all people, for better understanding and our better future.

The Gifts

Jan 18, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor
My gifts for Papa on his chest were burnt to be cremated and became the air. His gifts to me had always been here in me. I’d never served for convenience, been easy to convince or sway. This pulsating desire, unyielding wish to share the truths with the world would never be burnt away. I’ve inherited this from Papa and cultivated it through my difficulties.

Writing- The Act of Carving Out

Jan 13, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor
Through memoir writing, I have emerged out of the past, merging into the present moment. I feel so grounded with the Self, leading my life forward to the future. Now I have this sculpture, the ownership of my life. The past, the present, and the future have felt connected and integrated into One. As I find myself, my family, friends, and you are now part of my world.

Examining Memory Boxes

Jan 09, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor
We have memory boxes in our minds like albums. I had had some boxes kept inside me with lingering pains for over two decades. Since I left life in Japan thirty years before, I’d often re-visited my boxes of the past. I’d needed to integrate my past life into the present thoroughly. But it wasn’t easy. It took blood and tears to, one by one, reclaim my boxes’ ownership.

The Journey of Treasure Hunt

Jan 06, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor
Life is a journey of self-searching hunt. It is like a video game to find “The Treasures” in one of many, many rooms. For this journey, tenacity, resilience, and sincerity to ourselves and others would bring us a bright future. With hope and love in our hearts, we share the common ground hand in hand, from the heart to heart with other people.

The Power of Memoir- Finding Truths -

Jan 02, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor
Living in the world of sufferings, writing a memoir had countless and immeasurable virtue. Not only the authors like me attain the light, but also readers experience every moment of finding truths, sharing the light with them.  Together with readers, we elevate to free ourselves.

That is the power of memoir.