2022-04-26T17:45:45-07:00March 1, 2021|Healing|

We make a decision almost every one and a half seconds throughout each day. Whether or not we are aware of it, every one of the decisions leads us in a specific direction and results in consequences.

Entering New

2022-04-26T17:45:57-07:00February 23, 2021|Healing|

At every moment, we are entering something new. Whether or not we realize it, we face the new and the unknown every moment. Are you excited or thrilled by this? It gives me goosebumps.

Examining Memory Boxes

2022-04-26T17:46:16-07:00January 9, 2021|Healing|

We have memory boxes in our minds like albums. We keep our difficult memories in those boxes. We can freeze them in time and/or pack them with overflooding emotions.

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