May Interview Questions

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I was creative. When I was in the 3rd or 4th grade, we got homework to create small box forms from flat construction paper. As soon as I came home, I did it for hours—non-stop!


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A boundary is an agency and an extension of your core to see you and others in a specific picture. Through this picture, you can accept others as they are, act upon, and embrace situations even more effectively and compassionately.


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Whenever I face a surprise, I quickly reflect, Why am I feeling like this? Then I bring out a better part of me because my heart tells me, “Don’t be afraid.” I will always learn something new in any terrain I have never before known and experienced.

The Power of Memoir – Finding Truths

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Living in the world of sufferings, writing a memoir had countless and immeasurable virtue. Not only the authors like me attain the light, but also readers experience every moment of finding truths, sharing the light with them.

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