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I am naturally a milk tea drinker
Since my early childhood.

I love to drink black coffee though
Sometimes, but not all the time

Tea– poured in thoroughly boiled water
Brewed to dark for a few minutes
Milk is mixed with softening the flavor

For its best aroma, I love loose tea
But for everyday convenience
I brew two large packets of tea leaf in a mug
And mix in plenty of milk

My late husband, Patrick, was born in England
He was also a milk tea drinker
We used to put sugar in our tea

No matter how well or how sick we were
We drunk a cup of tea every morning

It’s medicinal or ritual of our daily life.

Whenever we came home from traveling
The first thing I did was boiling water
Preparing a cup of tea for each of us
We sat down and relaxed.

Since our Buddhist practice in 1998
We’d offered a cup of milk tea
To our ancestors every morning
Occasional foods and cakes were
out of our love and sincerity

In the summer of 2016
But all of a sudden
This ritual has altered its meaning

With my love and devotion to
The dearest person in my life
I continue to offer a cup of milk tea

With A teaspoonful of sugar to
My sweetheart