You lit a light inside anyone you met

Your smile opened anyone’s chest to breathe
The space you created became a seed of inspiration

Your tenderness vibrated anyone’s heart to feel
The air you touched became a seed of kindness

Your words brought an end to anyone’s worries
The comfort you offered became a seed of courage

Your bows served anyone’s minds to reflect upon
The deeds you embodied became a seed of compassion

Your light was a torch, bright enough to embrace
and guide anyone without blinding his or her eyes

Patrick, thank you for all these years of your continued offerings

Love always,

*       *       *

In the Buddhist tradition, we posthumously continue to celebrate a late person’s life for many years.

Yesterday, regardless of the strict COVID guidelines by the temple, about thirty people per invitation gathered to celebrate Patrick’s post-life at his “seventh-anniversary” memorial service held at the LA temple. (This July fourth will mark six years after Patrick’s passing, yet that’s how the Buddhist tradition counts the number of years after passing.)

During and after the service, we appreciated our continued friendship and the love for and from Patrick. I was very much moved by the fact Patrick had been and would be vividly alive in their hearts.

Thank you very much, Patrick, and everyone including you, who continue to enrich our lives. – thank you!