The Park

Aug 16, 2021 by Kyomi O'Connor


                                                                            Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash


The leaves and the branches all quivered

in the park whilst we’d been shuttered

There I pushed your wheelchair

though we were in despair

I rendered strength yet inside blubbered


                                             *       *       *


For so long I couldn’t write elegies,

though all had been in my memories

I couldn’t find paintbrushes

Canvas turned in ashes

I didn’t know how to sing melodies


                                              *       *      *


Later, I’ve learned to live on my own

and sometimes sobbed yet devoid of groan

Now I’m here and remain

open to feel my pain

I’m thrilled as life frees me for unknown



Thank you for reading a set of my poems in Limerick that I’ve recently learned to accommodate with my fellow writer's invitations. As a lifetime student, I’m very grateful for these invitations to motivate me, wanting to know more. Thank you.


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Thank you for your kind reading.