Photo by Valeriy Ryasnya on Unsplash



my ancient
primordial experience
goes back to
my mother

i was sleeping
in her womb

the vibration
of her
felt through
my body

in that cradle
i was dreaming
flowering of

all the trust
and love
i held for her

i was innocent

in that cradle
— the womb

the first breath
that I took
into the world

births of affairs
she’d carried along
sprouted through me

the seeds planted
were grown to
haunt me
nearly shuttered
my life

in the tsunamis
and the blizzards


for my own survival
i held this secret


the root of me
for so long

i’d explored the mountains
and deep into the sea

to find true


But now…

i am standing here
returning to my


the root of all things
happened and
not happened

… Love


This poem was composed with #3 Prompt: Ancient and eternal connection with Gaia for “a 30 Day Poetry Challenge” on Write Under the Moon.