Photo by Lucas Benjamin on Unsplash


the world was shut
for life

no light
no sounds
no feels
at the bottom of
the abysses

gone deeper
the bottomless trench
ruthlessly cracked open

my sunken body
no senses discerned
no shelter for existence

dwelling and
crawling about
at the far end

but i elected to be there
to find my soul


countless froths
belched out of the channel

reflecting light
guiding me through
the darkness
like stars


i was taken
to the hands of
the buoyant force
the source of light

who I am


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Amongst the many hardships that I experienced, my late husband, Patrick’s illness for three years, and his subsequent passing were some of the most devastating experiences. For your interest, please kindly visit a few of my articles around Patrick and me.