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A habit

has a neutral meaning.
Yet we give it either positive
or negative values and notions
out of our prospects and experiences.

When we’re engaged in the habit of positive
outcomes, we turn the cycles of the habit willingly.
The habit stimulates and accelerates our lives nicely.
It also becomes part of our lives and nourishing us more.

The habit comes from a specific context, motives, and goals.

Its repeated behavioral patterns are tightly connected with rewards.
Some rewards could be tangible values like better academic records,
while others are intangible like fulfillment, or simply gaining pleasure.

Rewards encourage us to continue, repeat more cycles of behavior,
and gain them effectively. In time, some original motives or goals
may be faded away yet cycles keep turning, becoming the habit.

Some habits cause negative outcomes like procrastination,
or extended toxic relationships that are too difficult to quit.

In such habits, we may lose sight of our own true values.
Because of its repetitive behavior and momentum,
we’re so afraid of what it may bring us if we stop.

It may tear us apart, or throw us downward.
It’s not addiction, but we just feel like it.

Avoidance, denial, distraction, being
sarcastic or blaming someone or
something else wouldn’t work

So, be aware of the nature of
the habit. We need courage
to see, feel, and recognize
true values of the habit
with more clarity.

Stay as we are in
a good habit of


*     *     *

Reference: Habit and Procrastination by Wikipedia