Photo by Kanenori on Pixabay

A Poem

is nothing
conceptual yet
an active process of
living here and now in
our practical mundane life.

The ancient three wise monkeys*of
seeing, hearing, or saying nothing evil is
not guaranteed for their spiritual awakening.

As we find the best qualities in people and the
situations, it’d encourage us to manage our own
propensity and promote our further awareness.

As we become fully accountable for our minds,
words and actions, we can humbly claim
the ownership and the authenticity
of our beings- who we truly are.

In these enduring practices,
gratitude would become
the source of comfort,
offering the key to
open access to
the secret

This is

*      *      *

*The three wise monkeys: In the 17th century, its pictorial maxim was carved over the door of the Toshogu shrine in Nikko, Japan. The proverb of the carving was said to have been influenced by Confucius’s philosophy. However, the original meaning of the proverb derived from the Buddhist belief of seeing, hearing, and saying no evil in anyone. It often refers to other interpretations for a lack of moral responsibility of those who refuse to see the impropriety and stay ignorant.