Photo by Ledy X on Shutterstock

Open the chest and
avoid compensating your body
without arching your lower back
and find the space absolutely neutral

At the spot, you are truly aligned,
so affected by nothing and no one.
You are centered and grounded

Yoga is my favorite treat and one of
the places where I can focus on
my daily meditation and reflections

It opens my body, my heart and
mind, and my soul and the spirit.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong offer the same
effects but in different ways

In yoga, its “physical—metaphysical”
boundaries are so clear and precise.

As you stand near the opening,
you can feel it’s there behind the door,
the entirety of what it is is inside.

Once you are there, whether inside
or outside of the opening no longer matters.
The vastness, all the possibilities, and
the potentials begin to open to you.

In such groundedness,
you’d find yourself connected through
a fine silk fabric to all beings, who are bound
and belong to one another.

This paradoxical inside out, reversibility
of the opening is the magic of


*      *       *

I love to describe many different “doors” we come across in our life. Here is another example that I’d composed in this place before. Please enjoy it!

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