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Action rooted in our thoughts
sometimes is colored by emotions.
It is a direct or culmination of our minds.

Action in the present is realized from
the views of the past, however old or new
It is a reflection of the past.

Action is to express our choice, our voice,
our determination, and a picture of our future.
It is a projection of our hope and wishes.

Action has the power to design and build
our lives, and safeguard our future
It is a process and an element of our journeys.

Small accountable and compassionate
actions create humanity and love of

Our Home

*        *       *

In the current and never-ending global crisis caused by our human misbehaviors and mistakes, the integrity of our thoughts and actions is greatly needed. Staying in humility and respect for other fellow humans and eliminating arrogance and ignorance make us humans and the globe our home. May we still believe in love and human potential.