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Hello, how are you?
It’s been a while
since the last
I visited you.

I’ve been watching
the sky, birds, flowers,
and the waves at the sea,
listening to the stories of us

*         *          *

Light generates a spectrum,
a set of spectacular colors,
a rainbow, which tells us
of our own elements

In many situations,
we dress in a specific
color, symbolizing we are
the components of the group

Humanity— though we uphold it,
tragic events of tyranny, violence or
cruelty assault us every day and night

Yet tragedies are not only somewhere afar
but here in our neighborhood on the streets
As we keep protecting ourselves in the color,
will our children truly be safe in our vicinity?

Or is it possible for us to take off the color of
protection, become light of its spectrum and
appreciate our own differences in such color?

*         *          *

Light never bends or loses a band of energy
even if we shed light into a magnetic field.
Light always creates beautiful red, orange,
yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

May we provide our children a future
in which they can go to schools and
walk streets with no fears of hurt

May we communicate with
anyone open-mindedly
with no preconceived
notions among us

It begins with us
not in places
afar but

and now

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