Photo by Khusen Rustamov on Pixabay

Just like
in our childhood,

we used to watch movies,
repeating over and over again
until we’d memorize the storylines,
actions, tones of voices, and emotions.

Likewise, we replay our personal stories
of the past no matter how little we like them.

While we allow us to reprise what happened,
our initially soft and genuine thoughts and feelings
may become untrue, yet feeling like concrete and real

So, be mindful- Repetition has the power to control us.

The past consumes the present moments by creating
these untrue “realities,” and makes us fear our future.

Remember- Our past could shape our future mindlessly.

“The realities” are the products of minds and actions
on what we repeat and how we rely on our habits.

Yet, ponder this- We can change these “realities.”

We can reverse our pseudo realities and future
if we can patiently and mindfully seek truths

We can return to what we are meant to be
by embracing how all things went wrong
where we truly belong in our origin

before we’re caught up in molds
and we forget who we are

Return to our origin


*           *            *

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