A Poem

In the courtyard of the sacred place
surrounded with the ever-greens moistened
I looked up quietly in the air emulsified with
the fine barbs of downs, a soft touch of the angel,
and the gentle mist of the mountain clouds,
caressing me into the light of being,
the illuminating light of loving-kindness

A miracle is fallen to anyone like a drop of the rain
but the true magic of miracle is to graciously uncover
the very particle in me and in everyone

*   *   *

The experience in December 2016, five months after Patrick passed away, has become one of my fondest memories that always purify me.

Here in San Diego, we’ve had a series of heavy rainstorms since the eve of this day, Christmas Eve.

Water, as one of the five elements (earth, water, fire, wind, and space), essential to our lives, can nourish and benefit us in many ways. But it may also harm and damage us by natural disasters like flooding and tsunamis, particularly in the era of climate change.

I’m very sorry if it’s affected you negatively, but I love the rain whether it’s heavy or light. Because it cleanses my soul in miraculous ways.

During this holiday, my warmest thoughts and the fondest love and hope go to you wherever you are in the globe, Our Home.

*   *   *

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