My book—I am a mirror

How effectively you use me
depends on how open you want to be.

As you leave your view and expectation behind
the words inside the book emerge and whisper in your ears.
They would knock on the doors you placed shut on the shields.

It is the time the book may serve you as a mirror when the words
seep through the space you left unseen, untouched, and forbidden.
Emotions inside replenish the terrains you allow no one to trespass.

The words may shake you with imbalance, invasion, and insecurity
that outline your projected fears—the ghosts of your creation.

Please trust me, mirroring your fears is far from my wishes
but rather, this book will empower you to find a gem
through the throb and the shake of mirroring.

At last, you’d find yourself easier with how you are
as if you took off a layer of many thick clothes.
It’s like a bright morning after a heavy storm.

You’d feel hilarious to be raw and naked.

By reflecting on yourself in the mirror
an unshakable version of you
emerges, looking at you

your true Being

*     *     *

*My book, A Sky of Infinite Blue– A Japanese Immigrant’s Search for Home and Self
is now published and available for your reading.