Photo by Yanikap on Shutterstock

Solitary beings
you ponder if we are
Sentiments stirring in you
may prove that belief

But look— can’t you see it…?

The tea you sipped this morning
was touched by hands of so many,
good hearts and their sweat

Imagine— beyond what you see

From young sprouts, grown into
beautiful tea leaves picked by
hands of dark-tanned farmers
with big thick knuckles

It is not about money,
capitalism, nor consumption

A can of tea is filled with
An enormous amount of labor,
blood, sweat, tears, and
the love and the lives of
all the people involved

Look— inside you and examine
what and how you are made of

Abundance is everywhere
when we stop, see, feel,
and accept who we are

We are a creation of abundance

All the families, ancestors, reeled in
back to our common Mother, “Eve*”

Nature offers us her gifts and our origin;
the earth, the ocean, volcanos,
wind, and the space where we come from
and what we are made of

All the friendships, relationships, and
collaborations make us, this world,
and every part of our lives

Abundance is presented as
the essence of how we live

May abundance be with you
here and now


*      *      *

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Out of Africa