I am a fire.
It’s my element,
passion to fight the odds,
courage to face the unknown,
and warmth to feel you in trouble.


I am water.
It’s my element,
compassion to listening,
accepting all the differences,
and letting go of tears into the ocean.


I am the wind.
It’s my element,
gentle strokes to sentiments,
whispering softly to the essence
and the voice within I’ve heard from afar.


I am earth.
It’s my element,
a mother and a child of us,
absorbent of the sweats and tears,
grounded here steadfastly with no fears.


I am space.
It’s my element,
a channel for breathing,
and a source for our co-existence,
flowing in the ever-change, impermanence.

*       *       *

While elements are
in good balance and synergy,
my inner light burns strong and supportive.

Expressions of empathy, love, and care
reinforce me to stay in a good habit.

Scintillated sparkling elements
create a life I truly love

the sources
of us



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