Photo by Frank McKenna on Pixabay

What kind of writers do you want to become?
Or what a life do you want to lead?

I’m still at the beginning of this path as a writer. So, I cannot say much about writing itself.

But here, I’d like to share some thoughts with you.

I’ve been a life-long learner and student in life. At every decision junction, I’ve made a decision, sometimes passively or other times actively. But no matter how passively or actively I made a decision, its outcomes were always mine, yet nobody else would take the consequences.

So, I can say that life has taken me to the directions I chose at every and all the collective decision junctions. That’s how I create my own path and life. I believe it applies to you, too.

What am I as a writer?

After I released all the poems along with the “30-days poetry challenge” prompted by inspirational Diana C. and followed by a couple of my reflective articles, I was not viral at all, yet pretty much on an upward rise.

In fact, I received the note on July 7th from MEDIUM that I’d become a Top writer in Poetry.

I was just a beginner and all other Top poets were well-respected and established giants. One of the mentors, only with whom I shared the MEDIUM note, kindly encouraged me to seek to be more viral in various ways. Perhaps, I could have. But I didn’t even apply myself for the chance. Instead, I reflected upon my path. Then yes, I chose not to go in that direction.

You may wonder why I chose the way I did. I’ve almost always been checking in where I am standing in the present moment, and thinking about my path, not only behind me that I’ve walked, but also I am very conscious about “one” unseen ahead of me.

I am very sure you, too, are thinking about it deeply what you would like to do and achieve in your life—the goal. What lifestyle would bring me to the goal? That is the most vital question that I always reflect upon in my daily thoughts and actions.

Who do I want to be as a writer?

Life may bring you something unexpected too. Even though you wish to be on top of the surf to navigate your sailboat, the perfect waves might crash or swallow you. Your body might be pulled deep into the sea and perhaps sinking into the sea. But you may let your life take you to the scenes you may have never come across before.

Difficult times may not be avoidable in anyone’s life. You cannot control your life by your decision. It may freak you out. But the very unexpected difficult encounters may have real powers to change you and make you stronger and more insightful in the end.

Considering either expected and controlled or unexpected and uncontrolled in our life, I am ever optimistic about life. Yes, I’ve chosen to stay that way. People may think I’m “the airhead,” naïve, unrealistic, and just to be “idealistic.” It might bring some criticism to you, too.

But I would like at least someone within our crowd and our community to say it loud, optimistically, what we can be and what we can endorse in our life.

If you are not sure who would be the person, sure, I’d volunteer to be the one who takes a chance to be an  “airhead” naive. I am not afraid to be seen that way.

It is because I strongly believe we all are as conscious, conscientious, and warm-hearted as we are.

I’ve chosen to trust US and believe in US. That’s why I am not afraid to be the one.

Thank you very much for your compassionate heart, as you are.