Photo by Kiren Virak on Pixabay

The First indication was;
Difficulties were felt by me
        Not you, anyone else but me

The Second indication was;
Difficulties were felt with not all the things but some
        What are they that I felt difficult with?

The Third indication was;
Difficulties were felt repeatedly not by accident
What are similarities in the situations I found difficult?

The Fourth indication was;
Difficulties point out specific characters of mine that I often doubt
What are they? Why are they important for me to hold onto?

The Last indication was;
Difficulties have a special gift, the power, to change my life
Can I accept all the above answers and the special gift to change my life?

*       *       *

The difficulty is a personalized kind guide and a specific sign for me to change.

It directs my own decision, but nobody else, to change, always pointing out specific answers and directions for change.

The direction for change could be directed by a single question:
Do I want to continue or discontinue the situation?

But when I decide to stick to the situation, it becomes a little more complex question:
What part of me, Why, and How do I need to change?

To answer this, I must go deeper reflections to find out exact answers to all questions that I laid out in the above poem.

I hope these clues help our lives easier, simpler, less traumatic, and with fewer sufferings. I hope to see them turn around to be more joyful.

Thank you for reading this piece.