I do yoga almost every day. It is part of my spiritual practice as a Buddhist. It’s also a way of practicing meditation both in stillness and in motion.

While I am in a yoga pose, abiding at the moment, I begin to feel the air coming through my nostrils and happily filling my chest. I wonder, When was the last time I expanded my chest this far? In these moments, all the cells in my body are at attention. I become in the present, aware, content, and in gratitude.

I shift my eyes to a tree outside the window, and I see the wind in the swaying of the tree branch, inviting me to join it. The quivering of leaves feels like small conversations. Though shielded by the window, I still feel the wind as if it is touching my hair and cheeks. I am so happy.

Now my breathing deepens, my upper torso moves closer to my legs. At every breath, my upper body and legs unite closer together, until they eventually embrace each other.

As I twist my body, every exhalation makes me see the world from another angle. Did I see the world in this way before? Each twist offers me a surprise.

Life presents us with something precious but moves forward at every moment. Second by second, whether or not we know it, our possible experiences flow away.

When we are aware, life is full of precious moments and its gifts are something new and unknown in our lives.

It’s esoteric, generously laid out for us to experience. This we don’t need wealth, fame, or special titles to experience.