Photo by Dorothea Oldani on Unsplash


Noticing the moment
the heart shrinks
the face flushes
the blood rushes
through the temple


But don’t go there
sweat on my hands
white fogs
in my empty brain


Taking a deep breath
sending kindness to
all parts of my body


The Body is a storyteller


‘Cause I know
how I can neglect
and ignore
my true feelings
my own care and need


Don’t go there
stagnated and
with no vigor
or juice of life


Taking time
with gentle care
watching and
listening kindly
with my heart


if there’s any knot
in my mind


Knots are trigger points
hold gracefully
the answers within
true to myself
silky precious life within


for growing


Sprouts of
wanting to grow
hiding behind the pains


Bring me light
create a moment of
tenderness and love


Bring out
a sprout of
wanting to grow


So we can celebrate

this Life

Filled with
the moments of
pains and kindness



This poem was composed with #2 Prompt: A constant, cyclic state of growth and change for “a 30 Day Poetry Challenge” on Write Under the Moon.