Photo by Siva Prasad on Pixabay

A Palm spike

A newly developing frond
folded like a magic wand,
in the shade of Shamrock,
inspires my heart to talk
as a splendid soul is dawned

*         *        *

A Hibiscus bud

Soft hibiscus sprouts in lime green
hugging dews of blessing within sheen,
speak gently of grandeur,
and draw the crowd of lure
adored in scarlet soon be the queen

*        *        *

I’ve held my promises for so long to Lucy Dan, Will Hull, Michael Bug, and James Brennan to compose poems in any poetic form. Particularly, Will has patiently invited me a few times!!!

I know Limerick is usually humorous, often sportive, but I’ve chosen to express the glory and blessing of mornings. According to Wikipedia, it requires (1) a stanza of five lines, (2) with the first, second and fifth with rhyming with one another, in a strict form having trimeter (three feet of three syllables) within. (3) The third and fourth lines are shorter with a different rhyme. As you can see, I’ve tried less strict forms.

Thank you for allowing me to try out my first Limerick in a study with which I’ve already begun to find love!