Photo by Ricardo Gomez on Unsplash

A phase of awakening the dark night
as birds sing the gold of life approaching,
the moments of promise in the twilight
are the most precious time in the morning,
leaving my Self to be as I’m feeling
Silky drops on the grass caress my feet.
A breeze strokes my face to be sweet.
Inhale to fill my heart with kindness
and exhale for my soul to sing and tweet
at this dawn of peace, love, and happiness.

*        *         *

I’ve composed this poem in one of the uncommon French poetic forms, Dizain.The dizain was a favorite of the fifteenth and sixteenth-century French poets, but it has also been employed in English by the likes of Philip Sidney and John Keats. The basic rules of the dizain are: It consists of one ten-line stanza, ten syllables per line, and employs the rhyme scheme: ababbccdcd