Photo by Mabel Amber on Pixabay

As the brilliant summer glare recedes,
autumn enters into its presence quietly.

The tillness of the season comes in
with the light, made of finer radiant beads,
touching and penetrating my skin mysteriously,
transforming my body into the receptacle of seeds,
and refining delicate sentiments within that I read

A small long-legged creature glides through
the surface of water, grasses and
water-logged tree roots beneath,
a sky in ultramarine,
the extended arms of the ocean,
and a red dragonfly hovering in the air,
caught as a floater in the mirror of the placid.
Then the woods whisper all the affairs into my ear
seeing, smelling, touching, and listening; be aware of feeling

In such a little conversation, my heart deepens lively into being.

*   *   *

I’ve composed this poem upon a call, “Moving through the Seasons,” a challenge for all writers, Moonchallenges, by Tree Langdon and Claire Kelly.