Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash

What makes me feel “profoundly” satisfied? You may imagine good breathing, meditation, etc. But to me, it’s fairly simple. EATING. I love eating good foods.

My satisfaction pathway directly links to my taste buds on my tongue and good retention of stomach! Now you know how you can please me 😉

I love eating and cooking. I love to cook whatever I love to eat. It is more than a hobby but like my habit. It also serves as practical management of my own well-being. If I have anxiety, fatigue,  or frustration, I do cook. It serves my creative energy, creates things I love, and subsequently, I am so satisfied with my own creation.

Also, whatever, whenever or wherever I ate very hearty good foods at restaurants or somewhere out, I would enjoy imagining how they had cooked them, then I would realize them in my versions at home; a little healthier, less salty, or with more twist in taste, etc. It satisfies me a lot.

Unfortunately, I lost one of the most satisfying aspects of cooking; sharing good foods with the loved one. Whenever I have opportunities to share, I do share my food with people. Hopefully, I may find a person I love and share my good habit of eating and cooking together.